Safety measures on Homes with a Gas Fireplace in Colorado

If you live in Lakewood, Colorado, it’s a safe assumption that you actually use that gas fireplace that came with your home. Chilly nights and snowy days can be great times to have a fire going in the background. It helps to keep the room warmer, but it also provides a great, cozy feel to the house. While you’re using that fireplace, though, you need to think about the safety measures you’ve got in place. Without the ability to be safe and careful, you could be risking your home. Fortunately, gas fireplace safety is not terribly complicated.

First, make sure you don’t use the fireplace when no one’s around. In other words, it should be attended, and people should be in the room. It’s one thing to leave the room to get a drink of water, but another thing entirely to go out for a few hours and leave the fireplace running. You should also be aware of any strange smells coming from your fireplace. While gas is odorless, many companies add a chemical to it that you can smell. If you suspect a leak of any kind, turn off your fireplace, leave the house, and call the gas company.

If you’re not sure how much that gas fireplace will cost you on your home insurance, come in and talk with us about the policy you have or want. It’s possible that you won’t be paying very much extra, depending on the age of the fireplace, how it was installed, and other factors. We can provide you with quotes from several different companies, but we’ll also be able to help you with safety tips if your fireplace isn’t up to the current code. The best thing to do is to have your gas fireplace checked thoroughly when you move in, and to periodically have it checked over its lifetime, just to have peace of mind.