Steps on Reporting Hail damage to my car and home in Colorado

People in Lakewood, Colorado often cringe when there are reports of thunderstorms and possible hail in their local area. If the storm is severe and the hail is large, it can cause extensive damage to both your car and your home. No one wants to look out the window and see dents all over their beloved vehicle or notice leaks from a damaged roof. Before a disaster like this happens, make sure you have talked with an independent agent about your home and auto insurance to make sure you are covered for hail damage.

There are some simple steps you should take if you are a victim of hail damage to your home and car. First, you should report the damage as soon as you notice it. Often there is a time limit for reporting hail damage so the insurance company can check other reports in your area. Second, you may want to take photographs of the damage. Although you still may be able to drive your vehicle, take pictures of the dents so you can show the insurance agent. If there is damage to your home, you will want to take pictures of this also. Often hail will damage the roofing material of your home. Check for leaks and make sure all of your belongings are safe from water damage.

As a local independent agent, we can help you find an affordable insurance plan that will cover hail damage to your home or vehicle. We are able to compare quotes from several different companies and find rates to fit any budget. If you experience damage from hail, you need to get the repairs made quickly. You should never be without reliable insurance coverage in Lakewood, Colorado. Take the time to call us today.