Tips on How to Prepare for Driving in Bad Weather Conditions in Lakewood, Colorado

Being prepared for driving in bad weather will help you avoid an accident. Have regular car maintenance performed to catch problems before they become serious. Always allow yourself enough time to reach your destination. In addition, follow these tips for safety in bad weather.


The condition of your tires can make a significant difference in how safely your car handles bad weather conditions. Snow and ice in the winter can make driving treacherous. Heavy rains can cause your car to hydroplane. Your tires need to have adequate tread depth to grip the road.

In general any less than 1/16 inch of tread is insufficient. Many professionals recommend no less than 1/8 inch. Some areas of Colorado will require chains in the winter. Carry a set in your trunk to use when needed.

Wiper blades

Check your wiper blades to ensure they operate correctly. Make sure the rubber fully contacts the windshield surface without leaving streaks or gaps. If you cannot see the road in front of you, you cannot avoid danger. Periodically check the level of wiper fluid in the reservoir. Carry a small container in your trunk in case you run low due to heavy road salt.

While Lakewood, and the rest of Jefferson County, can experience extreme winters, the summer can have very hot days. Heat can be damaging to the materials in windshield wiper blades. Take the time to inspect your blades before the heavy spring rains and again before winter.

As your independent agent in the Lakewood, Colorado area, we want you to prepare and stay safe on the road. Remember that you should check your insurance coverage each year to keep it up to date. Give us a call, we can provide you with competitive quotes to ensure you have the right insurance at the best possible prices.