Is there any change in the insurance policy if the property becomes unoccupied?

If you have a property that becomes unoccupied, you should get in touch with the company handling your coverage. While all companies have different sets of rules, unoccupied properties normally require a different type of coverage.

Unoccupied Property Insurance

If you are only going to be away from your home for a few weeks, you should not experience any changes to your policy. Most companies use a 60 to 90 day rule for determining if a residence is unoccupied. However, if you move out and are selling your home, you need to change your plan right away.

Unfortunately, unoccupied properties are more subject to theft, vandalism or unauthorized use. In addition, a water pipe could become broken and the damage not noticed for several days. All of these factors add to an increase in the coverage costs.

If you are selling your residence, you still need the coverage until the home officially changes hands. If your home was damaged, you would lose the equity you have built. You are also responsible if someone is injured on the premises, this makes continuing your protection important.

While the rates for an unoccupied home are normally higher, you may be able to receive discounts on your plan. You can consider raising your deductible. However, you should ask if the cost would be lower if you had a reliable person care for your residence on a weekly basis. Properties with frequent activity are less likely to be damaged by vandalism or unauthorized entry.

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