What Does Homeowners Insurance Not Cover?

A homeowner’s insurance policy provides coverage for a broad range of risks or perils that can potentially impact your home and its occupants. If you live in the greater Lakewood, CO, the insurance professionals at Colling Insurance Services Inc. are available to help you understand what a homeowner’s policy may cover and what it excludes.

Common Scenarios Typically Not Covered By Standard Homeowners Insurance

These events are typically excluded from a standard homeowners policy:

Flood damage

Most home policies exclude flooding – defined as excess water on land that is typically dry. According to the insurance industry, flooding is not the same as water-related damage (i.e., damage from a leaky roof). To protect against flood damage, homeowners can buy a separate flood insurance policy.

Maintenance-Related Issues

Homeowners insurance is not designed to provide coverage for your home’s routine maintenance or normal wear and tear. Damage from a lack of maintenance/pre-existing conditions will typically be excluded.

Sewer Backups

Damage caused by a sump pump failure/sewer backup may not be covered; however, a rider or endorsement is typically available. 

Intentional Acts

An intentional or illegal act that causes damage is typically not covered.


A standard policy for homeowners doesn’t typically cover earthquake damage. A separate policy or endorsement may be available for those in an area prone to earthquakes.

Home-Based Business Liability

A home business may need an additional policy (a Business Owners Policy) to protect business-related liabilities.

Acts of War/Nuclear Hazards

Damage resulting from nuclear hazards, acts of war, or will typically be excluded.

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