What does Personal Injury Protection generally cover on my policy in Colorado?

In Lakewood, Colorado, personal injury protection will cover expenses caused by an accident which is the insurance holder’s fault. You should have this type of protection on both your homeowners and your automobile insurance plan. If you are ever involved in an accident, personal injury protection will help take care of medical and other expenses incurred.

Your homeowners insurance plan will help pay for personal injury expenses if someone is hurt while visiting your property. This could be a result of a cranky dog biting the neighbor, or someone attending a party who falls off the deck. Either way, as the homeowner, you could be responsible for bills from the hospital or doctor and loss of wages for the injured person. You homeowners insurance should carry enough personal injury protection to take care of all of the expenses.

An automobile insurance plan will also include personal injury protection. When an auto accident occurs this portion of your policy will take care of medical expenses incurred by the injured parties. Adequate protection is important so you don’t end up paying money out of pocket. If the accident is severe, more than one person could be injured. Your insurance should protect you even if you are sued for a large amount.

Talking with an independent agent will help you understand the personal injury portion of your insurance policy. A professional will be able to determine if you have enough coverage or if you should consider upgrading your policy. Using us as your independent agent, we can compare the rates of several companies and give you several quotes to choose from in Lakewood, Colorado. Knowing you have enough insurance to take care of expenses if you are involved in an accident will give you and your family peace of mind.