Who is a good candidate for long term care insurance

Long-term care insurance offers a sense of security. Statistically speaking, it is likely you will need some sort of long-term care in your lifetime, 52% of people will. Long-term care involves different types of care. It can be assistance at home or in a facility. In Lakewood, CO, Colling Insurance Services Inc. will help you to customize your insurance coverage. We will work hard to provide you with all the information you need to make an educated decision.  

According to the National Institute on Aging long-term care provides services that meet a person’s personal or health care needs. It can be for a short period or a long time. The aim is to help people live as safely and independently as possible when they can’t perform ADLs (activities of daily living) on their own. Home-based care is the most common type. 

Determining who is a good candidate for long-term care insurance depends on several factors. The two most important factors are wealth and health. In order to get and benefit from a long-term care policy you need to be able to afford it, and you can’t have certain pre-existing conditions. There is a saying "your money pays for long-term care insurance, but it is your health that buys it". The best time to buy this insurance is between 60 and 65 years old 

Long-term care insurance is expensive, there is just no way around it and the cost will rise as you get older. Compared to the cost of long-term care, it is a lot less expensive. You need to apply for this insurance while you are still healthy. Almost any serious illness will disqualify you. 

Colling Insurance Services Inc. in Lakewood, CO has a team of experts who can guide you as long for long-term care insurance.