I live in my RV full-time. What type of insurance do I need to be fully covered?

The decision to live full-time in your RV in Colorado can mean that you need to purchase a different insurance policy than the options that are available for the short-term vacation or summer plans. You may need additional coverage that is more similar to a home insurance plan than an auto policy because your risks may increase.

Full-Time Liability

Liability can be split into separate categories when it comes to living in a recreational vehicle like a mobile home. Full-time liability protection is designed to address the possible accidents that may take place when you have visitors. For example, tripping and falling may be covered in the plan.

This type of liability is similar to the protection you would obtain in a policy for a house. It addresses accidents that are not necessarily taking place on the road.

Plans for Personal Belongings

Most insurers will offer policies that protect personal belongings, whether you live full-time in your recreational vehicle or not. If you start living full-time in the RV, then you may need to add to your current protection for personal belongings.

Expenses for Emergencies

There are times when your home may end up in the shop due to an accident, a problem with the engine or other issues. Emergency expense coverage is designed to address the possible living expenses and related costs that may arise during these situations. If you live in the vehicle full-time, then you may need additional protection for those emergencies.

The type of plan that you need to address your concerns when you live full-time in a recreational vehicle can depend on your concerns. Contact us to speak to an agent to learn more about the options that are available.