I only use my motorcycle for part of the year. Do I still have to pay for full coverage?

When you are riding a motorcycle in Colorado, the weather conditions may not always be appropriate for your bike. Using your motorcycle for part of the year may mean that it does not always make sense to maintain full coverage for your insurance policy.

Minimum Standards

Even though it may not make sense to maintain full coverage, the state does have a minimum standard that you are required to maintain. The state requires some coverage for liability and injuries, so you need to make sure that your insurance complies with state laws, even if you decide that you do not want to carry coverage for additional concerns.

The minimum standards are only the foundation, so you can build on that policy to address specific concerns and problems as well.

Maintaining Full Coverage

Comprehensive coverage is not necessary for every individual, but it can be useful if you have a high-cost motorcycle or if you want to address very specific concerns. Many insurers will provide protection against theft, damage from storms and unexpected damage from situations that are not related to your driving.

Polices that provide full coverage address more than just the driving, so it may be useful if you want to protect your bike from unexpected situations like theft. Otherwise, you can opt to maintain the minimum coverage and purchase additional protection for specific concerns if you do not want to cover every situation that is addressed in a comprehensive plan.

The coverage that you must maintain is not always a comprehensive plan. In some cases, you can reduce your coverage so that it addresses your specific concerns. Contact us to talk to an agent for more details about your coverage options.