Get Worker’s Compensation Insurance from a Reliable Provider

It is Colorado state law that all employers that have one or more employees must provide worker’s compensation insurance. There are a few exceptions to this rule, which may include a sole proprietor with no employees, a general working partner, a corporate officer, and a member of a limited liability company. Check with your insurance agent if you have questions in this regard.

The quality of this coverage and the agency that provides it may differ substantially. Colling Insurance Services, Inc. serving Lakewood, CO and the surrounding area offers worker’s compensation insurance coverage for businesses of all sizes.

If an employee suffers an accident and is injured while on the job, then worker’s compensation insurance coverage will help with the medical bills and wage replacement for the time off needed for recovery. If an employee is killed while on the job then a death benefit is payable to their family. Coverage limits, procedures, and rules are set by state law; however, you do want to work with an insurance agency that understands the filing process and is very familiar with processing worker’s compensation insurance claims.

The Colorado Division of Worker’s Compensation is organized under the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment. The division advises business owners to read worker’s compensation policies and disclosures carefully, identify the services provided by the insurance company, consider a deductible, and maintain a good loss history by having a safe working environment.

The Colorado Division of Worker’s Compensation enforces the worker’s compensation laws and resolves disputes between an employer and an employee over worker’s compensation claims. The division also has an appeals board that handles disputes between an employer and an insurance company that provides worker’s compensation insurance coverage.

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