If the Accident in Lakewood, CO Wasn’t my Fault, do I Still Need to Pay the Deductible?

When you are involved in an auto accident in Lakewood, Colorado, you may be concerned about the cost of repairs or medical expenses. Even if you did not cause the accident, it is easy to worry about the possibility of paying for the deductible on repairs and medical costs. Although your auto insurance policy will give you the best details about your specific insurance coverage, the situation will ultimately determine whether you need to pay the deductible.

Usual Payment

If you did not cause the accident, then usually you are not responsible for paying the deductible or your repair costs. The other driver who caused the accident is the responsible party and that individual’s liability coverage should pay for those expenses.

Inaccurate Claims

In some situations, the other driver may claim that he or she did not cause the accident. If there are no witnesses to the accident, then you may find that the accident is ruled undetermined and you might be required to pay for the deductible and repairs personally.

Uninsured Drivers

The other situation that may cause you additional heartache is when another driver does not have car insurance. Even though that individual is responsible for the accident, he or she may not be able to pay the full cost and you might be required to pay for some of the expense. In this situation, your uninsured driver coverage should provide most of the funds and your deductible amount is usually a reasonable cost.

Although the situation will dictate whether you need to pay for repairs or not, most cases will result in the other driver paying for the cost of repairs and your medical expenses. If you want to know more about your specific situation, contact us to talk to an independent agent.