Is Damage from Wildfires Considered a Natural Disaster on my Homeowners Policy in Colorado?

When homeowner’s think about what is included in their policy and what is excluded, most states across the United States are in agreement about these issues, however there are some exceptions to the rule where one state may have an abundance of mudslides, or floods while others have more than their share of wildfires. It will take the help of your independent agent in Lakewood, Colorado to sort through your insurance issues.

Homeowners need to make sure that they have stated a high enough amount of money in their insurance policy to rebuild, should their home be destroyed. You, the owner and your family will need to have a place to stay while rebuilding is going on, so make sure you stated that your policy included additional living expenses for at least two years. Get knowledgeable help from us as your local Colorado independent agency in exploring your claim process in the event that you lose your home in a wildfire.

Most people do not think about a wildfire taking their home and personal possessions. Most do not even have an evacuation plan. You need to review your insurance policy at least every year. Find out what your policy covers and what is excluded while you reside in Colorado. As a rule the typical homeowner’s insurance policy covers damages from fire, wind, hails riots, explosions, water damage (not flooding), theft, cost of living elsewhere, liability on and off the property. Floods are never covered unless there is an individual flood policy.

The natural disaster exclusions from typical insurance policies are as follows: sinkholes, floods, and earthquakes, damage from large hail, hurricanes, lightening, wildfires, and Tornadoes. Homeowners who went through wildfires in Colorado are not being reimbursed by their insurance companies enough to rebuild. Insurance companies are depreciating claims and payments to those who lost their homes and possessions.

Legislators are trying to pass new criteria for those who become victim of wildfire losses. Some Lakewood residents would like to see the full face value of polices paid upfront and then there would be no depreciation and insurance holds. Most states including Colorado are requiring a full list of loss of possessions. Most agree in Colorado that there needs to be changes in how insurance claims are handled in Colorado.