Questions to Ask a Colorado Insurance Agent

Searching for information online can be a great place to start when you’re looking for more information on Colorado automobile insurance and home insurance. However, your insurance agent will be able to answer more detailed questions that may not be listed as specifically on the company’s website or on general informational insurance websites. To make sure you get proper insurance coverage for your needs, make sure to ask your Colorado insurance agent the following questions at your next meeting.

  • What is the legal requirement for auto insurance in Colorado? If you’re still driving a 15-year old car from high school, it is usually a cheaper option to just pay the bare minimum for auto insurance. This is because the cost of simply replacing your vehicle after it has been in an accident may end up being cheaper than paying property insurance on it for several years.
  • How can I qualify for discounts? Everyone wants to save money on their insurance payments, and most Colorado insurance companies are willing to help you do just that by rewarding preventive behavior. For example, taking a driver’s course and installing a car alarm can knock down the price on your auto insurance, while installing a home alarm and a new roof can get you discounts on your home insurance.
  • How do I file a claim and how long does the process take? You want to be prepared when a disaster strikes, and knowing what to expect from your insurance company is one of the best ways to do this. Make specific inquiries about certain disasters– minor to major car accidents, roofing collapses, minor hail damage, etc.– to make sure you will have a plan ready for anything.