What Materials Should I Have Ready For a Meeting with My Insurance Agent?

Meeting with your insurance agent isn’t exactly a fun experience, but it’s important to undergo these recommended conferences to make sure your coverage plan is up to date and in keeping with your needs and preferences. Although your insurance agent will be able to access most of the information needed for the meeting, bringing these materials yourself will make the process go much smoother and faster, which is beneficial for both you and your insurance agent. The materials you should bring will vary depending on the type of insurance you and your agent will be discussing. The following lists detail the appropriate materials to bring for meetings regarding both home insurance and auto insurance.

Home Insurance:

  • Your property deed or mortgage documents
  • A list of all construction materials used to build your home
  • Evidence of the age of your home
  • Safety features near your home (law enforcement centers, fire departments, etc.)

Car Insurance:

  • Make and model of the vehicle(s) you wish to insure
  • Vehicle identification numbers (VINs) for each vehicle you wish to insure
  • Name, social security number, birth date, employment status, and marital status of each driver requesting insurance coverage
  • Reports of any former accidents, traffic violations and other related incidences associated with drivers requesting insurance coverage
  • Documents indicating driving school courses taken and certifications earned by drivers requesting insurance coverage
  • Drivers license number, the state in which the license was issued, and the age each driver received his or her license