Ways to Protect your Car without a Garage in Colorado

There is no questions that a garage is the easiest and most effective way of keeping your vehicle safe from the elements and other possible perils, but not everyone is privy to garage storage. Here is Colorado, cars left outside can take a real beating year-round. There is heavy winter snow, falling tree limbs buckling under the weight of ice and multiple other dangers that car owners must be concerned about. So what can you do to protect your car without a garage?

Get a Carport

In comparison to garages, carports are much less expensive and easier to install on your property. Best of all, carports provide significant protection from the elements just like a garage would. Be sure to have your carport professionally installed, and make sure it is in compliance with local ordinances or homeowner’s association requirements. It can withstand high winds, hail, falling tree limbs and heavy snow, protecting your assets.

Pay Attention to Your Surroundings

If a carport is not within your budget or not possible for your property restrictions, you can protect your vehicle by paying attention to your surroundings and where you park your vehicle. For example, high winds and snow can cause store front awnings to collapse, causing damage to nearby vehicles. Similarly, if you normally park your vehicle under a tree for shade, you may be placing it at risk for damage from falling limbs — or even the tree itself.

When Your Car Suffers Damage

Sometimes, damage to your vehicle is unavoidable. Whether the damage is minor or significant enough to prevent you from driving, the right insurance coverage could help ensure you are not without a vehicle or the money to make the necessary repairs. Here in Lakewood, you can contact our office to speak to an independent agent who will explain your insurance coverage options and the ways that you can protect your finances when the unthinkable occurs. Call us for your no-obligation quotes today.

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  1. Drea

    Carports can protect your vehicle fairly well, but keep in mind that in some extreme climates an open carport will not protect your vehicle from the elements that much.

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