Why You Need Umbrella Insurance for Your Small Business

Any business needs to be protected appropriately. As a small business owner, you should know that your business requires the right insurance coverage to safeguard it against financial losses that may happen. Therefore, having an umbrella insurance policy is a necessity for every small business. Umbrella Insurance policy not only covers your assets and business from personal liability but also works as an alternative to an individual’s coverage such as auto insurance.

 It offers the much-needed extra protection to your business in case your standard liability policy limit is exceeded. Colling Insurance Services Inc. provides comprehensive umbrella insurance policy for small businesses in Lakewood, CO. Here are three reasons why you should have comprehensive umbrella insurance for your small business.

Pays for Losses In case of a Lawsuit

When your small business is facing a lawsuit, then an Umbrella insurance policy can help to protect your small business whenever the losses exceed your protection limit under your standard business liability policy. It also covers the bodily injuries caused to any individual on your business premises or as a result of your business operations and processes.

Protects Your Assets

Without umbrella insurance policy, you will be responsible when your normal liability insurance limit is exceeded. You may end up selling your business assets and personal belongings to cover for liability if your business lacks a commercial umbrella policy. As a business owner, that is something you cannot afford to do. Therefore, the only way of safeguarding your business assets is by purchasing a comprehensive commercial umbrella policy that will come into play when your liability limit on the standard business insurance is exceeded.

Covers Your Business Vehicle with Additional Liability

Typically, commercial umbrella insurance will provide financial protection where your general business liability insurance cant. For instance, your standard commercial insurance policy may feature limitations on who can drive your business vehicle and where the car can be driven. If your business vehicle is operated outside the limitations of the policy and is involved in an accident, your provider won’t cover the expenses. This is where your commercial umbrella policy comes in to help you.

Are you a business owner in Lakewood, CO? Contact Colling Insurance Services Inc. for a commercial umbrella policy.