5 Things to Know When Buying a Car as a Present

Buying someone a car as a gift can be one of the most generous things that you can do for the holidays. It can also create a whole lot of problems for the recipient. Here are five tips to make sure that that doesn’t happen.

Be Picky. You need to make sure that the car you’re buying is right for the recipient. You’re going to have to be picky. For instance, if you’re buying a used car, make sure that it’s in good condition, or that you’ll be able to fix whatever might be wrong with it.

Let the Dealer Know it’s a Surprise. By letting the dealer know that the car is supposed to be a surprise, you can avoid the embarrassment of them calling the house and spilling the beans that the paperwork has gone through or something.

Get the Insurance Ready. An insurer might not be ready to sign a policy over until the driver is there to put their own name on the dotted line. This doesn’t mean that you can’t have the paperwork for a basic insurance policy all ready to go and the first month already paid for, however. Talk to an independent insurance agent from Colling Insurance Services Inc. and get those ducks in a row.

Take a Test Drive. The main reason to take a test drive: So that you can let the recipient know anything they need to know before they get behind the wheel. Does it have a light touch on the gas? Does it make wide turns? Find out.

Coordinate Your Gifts. Chances are nobody else you know is buying them a car, but with such an expensive gift, you’re better safe than sorry.

Make sure calling Colling Insurance Services is on your list if you’re adding a new vehicle to your fleet for the Holidays.