Can I Deduct My Auto Insurance from My Taxes?

This common question is one that most people in Lakewood, CO forget to ask until tax time rolls around. In honor of being prepared though, Colling Insurance Services Inc. wants you to get everything together before April 15. The more you know about how auto insurance is seen by the government, the more you may end up getting back in a refund. 

How It Usually Works

Your auto insurance, just like your actual auto and its various expenses, is usually not eligible as a deduction from your taxes. Technically, these are expenses that the owner has willingly chosen for themselves, and thus don’t need to be accounted for when the government is trying to decide who gets what. 

The Exception to the Rule 

The exception to this rule is if you use a vehicle for work. Normally if you use a vehicle provided by your company, your boss or the powers that be are the ones who take care of the paperwork when it comes to that vehicle. You just drive it and expense the gas or maintenance costs that have to be done. However, if you’re self-employed then you may be able to deduct your auto insurance from your taxes.

Find Out More

It can get a little complicated if you use your automobile for both work and personal use though. In the case where you use the car for both in Lakewood, CO, you’ll need to calculate just how much you use your car for work. If it’s about half the time, then you can deduct half of the total cost of your insurance. If it’s only a few times a year, it may not be worth claiming at all. For more details, call Colling Insurance Services Inc. to find out more!