Surprising Benefits of Health Insurance

Most of us understand that health insurance helps cover our most common physical health concerns. But did you know that your insurance could assist with so much more? At Colling Insurance Services Inc., we’re dedicated to providing our Lakewood, CO customers with the most up-to-date information about all your insurance coverage needs. That’s why we’ve assembled this fascinating list of surprising health insurance benefits!

Psychiatric Coverage

Not many people know that health insurance isn’t just for physical health concerns. It can also provide coverage and assistance for mental health services! Most plans provide for certain categories of treatment, such as psychiatric counseling and prescriptions. Substance abuse treatment and rehabilitation may also be covered. Some even help out with in-patient hospitalization or at-home therapy services!

Smoking Cessation Assistance

Smoking is incredibly damaging to your health, so it makes perfect sense why insurance providers want to help you quit for good! As part of their preventative services, most insurance plans provide coverage to help you quit smoking. These services include counseling sessions and FDA-approved medications by prescription.

Obesity Treatments

A national crisis, obesity is a leading cause of health-related problems and death in the US. States across the country have stepped up their effort to combat this deadly epidemic, and so too have most insurance providers. Your health insurance could have coverage for preventative screenings, assessments, and even obesity treatments such as diet counseling, weight management services, or even medical procedures.

These are just some of the surprising benefits hidden within health insurance. If you’re a resident of Lakewood, CO searching for the right insurance, let our agents at Colling Insurance Services Inc. help you discover the right policy for your personal needs!