Do Red Cars Cost More to Insure in Lakewood, Colorado?

When you are looking for a new vehicle in Lakewood, Colorado, it is likely that you will consider the cost of an auto insurance policy before you make any decision about the best choice for your needs. Among the myths that you might hear or assume is that a red car is more expensive to insure than any other color.

Idea Behind the Myth

The idea behind the myth is that a red vehicle is an insight into the driver’s personality. The color is often associated with riskier drivers because the individual selected a bold color.

Although the bold color can have some impact on psychological evaluation, it is not a sure sign that an individual is a reckless driver. In many cases, the color of the vehicle is primarily related to the individual’s preference for colors and does not have any impact on driving skills.

The Reality

Although the myth assumes that the color means you are reckless, the facts do not back up that idea. The color of your car does not impact the price of your car insurance policy. The key factors that impact the cost of your auto insurance relate to your driving history, your credit history, your current age and the actual vehicle you are driving.

The model of the vehicle is more important because some cars have expensive replacement parts or repair costs. Those factors are more important than the color of the car.

Finding the right autoinsurance policy means that you must compare different options to find the best deal for your needs. Although rumors suggest that color plays a role in the cost, it is not actually a factor in the price of your coverage. If you want to learn more about what impacts your coverage costs, contact us today to talk to an independent agent.