Does my Homeowners Policy cover my In-home Business in Colorado?

Homeowners insurance usually does not cover an in-home business in Lakewood, Colorado. A home insurance plan is meant to protect your property and your personal belongings. If you run a business out of your home, you will probably need to purchase separate business coverage to make sure your inventory is protected and you have enough coverage if a customer is injured while visiting your home.

Consider this. A client comes to your home to pick up products from your home business. He then slips and falls on the ice and injures his back. He not only has extensive medical bills, but he is also unable to work for an extended period of time. He decides to sue you for damages. If you are counting on your homeowners insurance to take care of the accident, you will be in for a shock. In Lakewood, CO, if you are running an in-home business, your home policy will not cover business related incidents. Instead, you should purchase a small business insurance policy that will take care of all of your needs.

Before you decide you cannot afford a separate insurance plan from your homeowners policy, think about the consequences of not having coverage. You could lose your life savings if a customer had an accident on your property and you were not properly insured. Instead, talk with a local insurance agent in Lakewood who is able to compare multiple quotes with all of the top companies and find you an affordable policy. If you want to save money, raise the deductible or bundle all of your insurance plans with the same company. It is worth the time and trouble it takes to make sure you have the insurance protection you need for both your home and your business.